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Fairyfeet Cats


Here's some of the emails i have received from the new families of Fairyfeet kittens....



Hi Sally , I thought you might like an update of how the 'dream team' are getting on?!  Well, to say that we are completely in love with these two babies is probably an understatement. I knew I would love having them, but I literally cannot wait to get home from work to see them. James seems to be finding more and more miraculous excuses for having to work from home even more days of the week than he already does too…



Hello Sally, I just wanted you to know how well Mabel has settled in. We absolutely love her. No accidents and eats well. Thanks to you!  We may get another one?  



The kittens have settled in very well, Phoebe and Noah love them , they have been playing and chatting to them all afternoon. Thank you for such lovely cats, hope you are not missing them too much x



Just thought I would send you a few pictures of Florence. The last picture is her trying to get into her cat food delivery! She is an absolute joy and great companion. Thank you 



Hi Sally - all is well here - we adore Monty! He's such fun. He's settled in so well and using his litter, cat tree, toys and eating loads! Many thanks again,



Thank you so much for letting us bring her home to join our family she is already a very much loved member of our family. She is a credit to you and how you bring your babies up, you clearly know how to breed a beautiful well grounded cat as nothing phases her, I've yet to see her get worried about something but I can't imagine what as she takes everything in her stride. 



Personality is also important and you got it right on all my cats I've had from you so far... but I guess all your kittens are gorgeous personalities... Thanks again 



Archie is beautiful, affectionate (still getting a face wash in the night!) and the most mischievous cat we have ever had! He is going to be much bigger than Freddie. We love him. 



They are the most loving and beautiful kittens anyone could wish to have.  They have amazing temperaments and are more than happy to undergo the constant cuddles they are subject to by the children.  Max is more mischievous and needy, he follows me around the house like a little puppy.  Lila is more laid back and brave.  They adore each other and are never very far apart, as you will see from the photographs. They have made themselves very at home and we love them to bits.



Hi Sally, Coco is settling in very very well and eating us out of house and home! We're all smitten.



As it¹s been 4 weeks since we collected Oreo from you I thought you might
like an update on how he’s doing and some photos of him engaged in various
activities and with a selection of the other cats in the household.  He is
an absolutely gorgeous little teddy bear and from the moment we got him
back to the house he has been confident and happy. Bearing in mind that he
was the timid one of the 2 boys we saw he has demonstrated confidence and
that “I belongs here” attitude and is not timid at all!! Your exposure to
domestic activities and equipment such as vacuum cleaners and washing
machines has certainly stood him in good stead and he¹s not afraid of any
of those things.



Well I think it’s safe to say Bear is settling in very well! He’s been purring and requesting belly rubs already so certainly marking his place in the family! He’s extremely playful but also happy to sit and be stroked and cuddled....best of both worlds. Thank you again so much for everything, we’ll keep in touch with updates so you can also see him grow into the Bear we’re sure he will be.



Just wanted to let you know that Barnaby has settled in really well. He’s currently snuggled up on my knee and seems very affectionate and happy. The children are absolutely loving him too. He feels like part of the family already. Thank you for all your help and advice, he really is a beautiful little boy.



Six months on, Teddy and Bessie Belle are wonderful, cheeky, fun, cuddly, happy cats. Teddy still sits on Bessie (and anyone else) when he wants a cuddle, and Bessie is still the boss. So sweet. 



Hi Sally! I’ve been meaning to email you for a while just to say hello and thank-you and... oh boy, we love our new addition to the family x he is perfect and fun and snuggly and a beauty!



Missy is settling in fantastically well and we’re all besotted! There was no hesitancy when she got here, full on into play mode until she couldn’t put one foot in front of the other! Thanks for everything, you’ve obviously given her such a good start for her to be this settled so quickly - we love her to bits!



Hi there, It’s been a year since this little prince entered our lives and I have to say he is gorgeous.  Thanks so much for letting us have him.  He makes us laugh every day and has become firm friends with Hermione.  All the family and our friends love him, he is such a character. 



Astra is such a beautiful, beloved treasure in our lives. She is such a little prankster and plays hilarious tricks on us all the time. I wish I could capture her best funny expression, which is with one tooth sticking out from beneath her top lip in a slightly non-plussed 'what is this weird human malarkey' way like the total goofball she is. The boys love her and everyone is getting on beautifully. THANK YOU SO MUCH.x

Honestly Sally you have really given us a wonderful gift. And all your advice and care about integrating her into the family was so spot on. Thank you. Xxx



Hi Sally, Pic of my two scrummy boys snuggling on the sofa with me as I watch bake off. They are just so loving and cu


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