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Fairyfeet Cats
Fairyfeet Cats

My Boys

All of my boys are at closed stud - for my girls only.



Fairyfeet Benji Boy


Benji is my gorgeous home grown stud boy.

He's a 2016 kitten,  blue silver spotted and blood group b.

Hes a darling lad, adores the girls and is a lovely size already, though still growing.


Benji sired his first litter with Liana - her 3 chunky babies were born in May 2017 and i could see their Dad in them !!!

Chunky Benji - still only 18 months
The boy - 3 years old, still not fully grown

Adzwosh Noah


Noah is a new blood line for my home bred girls. He is a gentle giant of a cat, he's blue and carries lilac and colourpoint, blood group b.

He's the strongest cat i have ever met but he doesn't get his claws out to anyone, lovely gentle boy !


Noah sits in his bed patiently when he doesn't have a girlfriend, looking like hes not bothered at all, but the second one of the girls moves in with him he doesn't waste a second in introducing himself !!

Noah keeping a close eye on his girlfriend, Ella


Fairyfeet Teddy Bear


Teddy is Bertie and Fairy's son from March 2017. As soon as Ted could move, he would pull himself out of his kitten nest and come and see us every time we were in the kitten room - he made it very clear he wanted to stay, and he fits right in as he's a soppy purr box !


Ted can hold his own with the ladies and has recently proved that he's now ready to be a Daddy !

He's been happy sharing with all the girlies, though now hes a fully fledged stud, he only gets one at a time ! He's a lovely boy that makes friends with everybody.


Ted is a blue self with great eye colour (photos dont do him justice !) and he carries lilac.


Teddy is blood group b

Fairyfeet Oswald (OZZY)


My newest baby boy....hopefully a future stud !!


Ozzie is Noah's son from 2019 and will hopefully take over from the big man himself so that Noah can have a long and lazy retirement. Hes a chunk already and has the softest thickest coat. 

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