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** See my nursery page for details of current and upcoming kittens **


My babies are born in the house – I am always there with my girls at the birth, even if it means staying in for several days waiting with them !! I have a dedicated kitten nursery with a large kitten nest for the early days and toys, beds, scratching posts and a huge cat tower for them as they get more adventurous. They have a wall of windows so they can see what's going on in the garden as well as in their own room. They get used to the hoover, music, cooking smells, laundry noises as well as the noise and attentions of my 2 children from day 1 and when they are old enough to meet visitors (usually 6 - 7 weeks) they get used to the smells and voices of strangers, and meet the other cats. They are handled, cuddled and played with daily by all the family.

My daughter takes her kitten socialisation role very seriously !

By the time kittens are ready to leave me, they have had a full health check with my vet and have been vaccinated (see below) as well as wormed and flea treated before going to their new homes. They are litter and scratching post trained and weaned onto a mix of wet and dry food. They come with a 4 generation pedigree, 4 weeks free medical insurance courtesy of Petplan, a Royal Canin pack with food voucher and a kitten information pack. Upon reservation, a £300 non refundable holding deposit will secure your kitten, however I reserve the right to withdraw a kitten from sale if it would be in the kitten's best interests to do so.



How I Vaccinate my Kittens



Since I started breeding I have been researching the different vaccinations available – the protection they give and the possible side effects - and agonising over the best thing to do for my kittens. I have tried many different pharmaceutical brands, which my vet has very patiently ordered in specially for me, and noticed no real difference - and then I came across homeopathic vaccinations (“nosodes”). I have been using the nosodes in conjunction with traditional vaccines on my kittens since the start of 2013 and this has provided so many benefits for the kittens, their new families and me. I use the homeopathic nobodies starting at 3 weeks, and the kittens have had the full course by 9 weeks - this is a totally different type of immunity that overrides the maternal antibodies kittens get from mum's colostrum and gives them immunity against a multitude of diseases by 9 weeks.

As homeopathic remedies are not scientifically tested on animals, I ALSO do the usual vaccination at the vets - this is the traditional, tested, type of vaccination that does not override maternal antibodies - hence we traditionally give 2 doses of the primary vaccination.

Many breeders vaccinate purely homoeopathically, most vaccinate purely traditionally, I don't know any others that "double up" - but since I have been vaccinating this way, the kittens have their first jab at the vets at 8 weeks and don't have the drowsy day or two they used to have after the jab - they come home and eat and play straight away as though nothing has happened, which is because their little immune systems have been built up so gently and consistently with the nosodes, which also have the effect of "softening" any side effects of the live vaccines. They then have a week with me to make sure they are over the "stress" of the jab and are still eating and gaining weight daily before they are ready to go.

Theoretically, they don't need a 12 week jab as the nosodes have given full immunity but as I say, it's not scientifically tested and so I go for the belt and braces approach - having discussed it with my vet we have agreed that by combining the nosodes for "everything" and the Nobivac Tricat jab for the "core" diseases, we have all the bases covered without risking too much in the way of chemical input or side effects of the vaccinations.

The benefit of all this is that because of the added, earlier immunity, kittens are ready (provided they are cleared by my vet of course !) to go to their homes at 9 weeks which is in the peak of their socialisation period - more like re-homing a toddler than a teenager ! This is especially beneficial when the kittens are joining a home with other established pets or being homed on their own, as they will adapt and accept everything that bit easier and quicker.



For information about current and upcoming litters, as well as available kittens, please see the nursery page

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