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Fairyfeet Cats


Welcome to my website. I am a small hobby breeder of British Shorthair cats based in Worthing, West Sussex. Fairyfeet is my GCCF registered prefix, and I subscribe to the GCCF code of ethics. I aim to breed healthy, happy, affectionate British Shorthair cats that are of excellent type and superb temperament making them purrrfect family pets !

My cats are first and foremost my very much loved and spoilt pets. They live either in our house with us, or in our luxury cat house with heating and lights and even their own outside spaces! From their run they can watch the birds and see us in the house – they have a great view of the kitchen and are often seen perching on their "balconies" watching us in the house or watching the kids playing in the garden! They all enjoy time in their own garden, climbing up the ladders and platforms that Steve has made for them, playing and basking in the sun. We have foxes here and whilst my cats love the fresh air and freedom of being outside, we want to keep them safe so their space is fully fox proofed for their protection.


My Cats


All of my cats are sociable, fun, loving, and enjoy being with me, my husband Steve, and our young children. 

We have several cats on our bed every night and they are very much part of our family and our lives, talking to us and bossing us around every day. Spike, one of our neuters, plays fetch with screwed up post it notes and hairbands (he can sniff out a hairband at 50 paces), Lilly (who we lost age 17 in 2016) used to wait at the door every day for Steve to come home, and if he let her, she would clean his hair for him ! Bertie, my first stud boy, enjoyed being pushed around the house by my children in their toy pram when he was a kitten and would always sit on a bar stool next to me in the evening.


We keep lots of our own kittens, always in pairs so they have the love, comfort and fun of a similar aged companion while they grow up in the house, meeting all the other cats and getting used to us as well as having a carefree youth. We love having them in the house and when the time comes for them to progress to the cattery we always miss them on the sofa !

They all have immense characters and are a joy to have around. Although I breed for type and always try to improve the breed with every mating, I consider personality to be a pre-requisite for a British Shorthair. Cats with terrible temperaments will not become loved and prized pets, and don’t tend to do too well on the show bench either!


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 Litters due in various colours throughout the year - see the nursery page for details.

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