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For anyone interested in reserving a kitten, the first step is to contact me. You're bound to have some questions and I need to understand what you are looking for (single / pair of kittens, sex, colour, indoor only cat, particular timescale etc) as well as to understand your home, family and lifestyle - is anyone at home during the day, do you have other pets, where do you live, what outside space is there, have you had a cat before etc? It's easiest if you can send me an email setting this out, so that I can let you know if / when I can help you and ask any questions I need to in order to be comfortable with a kitten’s potential new home.


As a responsible breeder, I need to make sure that my kittens go to homes where they will be happy and well cared for. For these sociable teddy bear cats, the single most important thing they need is company and someone to love, so when owners work full time, kittens would need a sibling or another pet to keep them cosy and happy while their humans are out.


Once we have exchanged all the necessary information and answered each other’s questions, I have 2 options: a committed place on my waiting list (which I will close when full), and a list of those who have expressed interest, which will not be limited.



Committed Waiting List 


In order to take a committed place on the waiting list, I would ask for a £100 non refundable deposit per place, regardless of whether you want 1 or 2 kittens. You will be offered kittens in the order of your place and if you choose to reserve kittens, the remainder of the £300 deposit per kitten would be payable at that time.


Whilst i can't promise to have specific colours / sexes as this is very much down to nature, i do keep my Nursery page up to date so that you can see the colours that are expected. If you didnt want to reserve a kitten that you were offered, you would stay on the waiting list and move up the places. The committed waiting list allows you to stay on the waiting list for 12 months or until you have been offered kittens from 4 litters, whichever is the later.


I will close the waiting list when it reaches the number of kittens I am likely to have from current matings and pregnancies. 





If there are kittens available once the waiting list has been exhausted, I will contact all those who have expressed interest with one group email so that everyone receives it at the same time, and kittens can be reserved on a first come basis.



In order to reserve a kitten, I would have a chat with the potential owner on the telephone and then provide a reservation form / kitten contract for completion and my bank details for payment of the balance of the £300 deposit, (this is non-refundable if you change your mind). Once I have received a deposit I will confirm the reservation, and in cases where there are several of the same sex / colour kitten in a litter (eg 3 blue boys) the order in which they are reserved will be the order for selecting which kitten will be yours.


At the point of reservation, as well as sending the reservation form, I also send my kitten care information which will include details of equipment you need, foods they will be used to and the routine they will be in when they leave me. That gives you plenty of time to prepare for their arrival or ask any questions you may have.


Once kittens are reserved, I update the new owners by email every fortnight, with a photo so that you can see your kitten growing and developing.


Once they are old enough for visitors, I invite you to come and meet / choose your little one/s. This is usually when the kittens are 6-7 weeks old and as they are still young and haven't got their full immunity yet, the visits are adults only and no touching - though you can take as many photos as you like !



**** Due to COVID-19, and whilst this is a threat to everyone's safety, I will modify my visit and collection procedures as follows -


**I will send update photos weekly rather than fortnightly**


**I will send a video of your kitten (or the kittens you have to choose between) once they are independent of mum at 6-7 weeks**


**I will conduct the handover with you in 2 parts prior to collection - i send a video to talk you through the paperwork you will have in your kitten file and then have a conversation on the telephone with you before you take your baby home so we can discuss the settling in process, routine and specifics of your arrangements. You can, of course, ask any questions at any stage, and i will have given you lots of information specific to your kitten at the weekly updates as they develop anyway**


** When you come to collect, i will take your kitten carrier into my porch and then bring your kitten out to the porch to pop him or her in there for you. I will sanitise my hands and spray sanitiser on any areas of your carrier that i have touched too. Please dont be offended that i dont invite you in - it is for everybody's protection that i will ask you to wait in your car while i load up your baby**




COVID protocol following lifting of restrictions


The legal restrictions were brought to an end on 19th July and Boris made clear that we must now all now take personal responsibility for our safety and the risks we are prepared to take whilst COVID is very much still all around us.


I have given a lot of thought to my responsibilities and acknowledge that I am responsible not only for my own safety but for that of my human family (which contains several CEV members), my cat family and my customers. I particularly understand how detrimental it would be for my family and for the cats (and therefore also for their future families) if I were to have to self-isolate, or worse, if I caught COVID, and couldn’t provide the care they need. I have taken every precaution to avoid that happening throughout the pandemic and continue to do so.


It is not practical or safe for people to visit my kittens in an outside environment, which means that anyone visiting comes indoors in my home. Considering that this carries the highest risk of transmission of the virus, that 40% of those in hospital with COVID are double jabbed and mask wearing and social distancing has been mandatory until very recently (which means it didn’t prevent these cases), and given the escalating numbers of infections nationwide, I have made the decision to continue with my hands-off protocols for the time being. 


This means that updates will be more regular, that videos and lots of details will replace visits and that a telephone handover with more information sent by email and video prior to collection will allow for a contact-free collection.


I will keep this under review and will announce any changes here as we see how things pan out. 


Thank you for understanding and for helping me to prioritise everyone’s safety and our continued ability to provide the very best care for  your future fur babies.




I will usually arrange collection at the same time as booking the visits as the kittens are ready at 9 weeks, so it’s not long to wait from visiting to picking up your kitten. Even though it’s only a few weeks later, the babies grow loads in these last weeks and you'll probably feel that the kitten you collect is twice the size as when you visited !


Once my kittens have left me, I am still always at the end of the phone or email if you ever need help / advice or to discuss any aspect of the kittens' growing up. I love to hear how they are getting on and see pictures as they grow into big cats.


I hope that explains the reservation process, but please do ask if you have any questions !


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